The Unity group designed this residential project in a complete new style. The specifications offered here are of unmatched standard and promises to provide luxurious way of living.

Specifications of Structural System

  • Combination of RCC   Combination (Reinforced  Cement  Concrete) at  slab  structural  system  is  offered  to  ensure continuous clear heights in most of the habitable areas  in  the  housing complex.
  • Compared to other conventional slabs, the slabs used in this project are thicker and work as noise barriers, thus resisting the sound transmission from upper floors.
  • Minimum  internal  structural  columns  ensure  large  column-free  internal  spaces  and  lead  to  greater  flexibility of  layouts  within  the  residential unit .

Safety & Security Specifications

  • Fully NBC (National Building Code) compliant.
  • Proposed to be a LEED certified building (Green Building) Gold Category.
  • High speed Shuttle  Elevators  from  basements  to  the  ground floor  which will also provide enhanced  security .
  • Elevators will be armed with ARD (Automatic Rescue Device) in order to facilitate safe landing at the nearest level in case of emergency.
  • Structure is designed to fit in Zone 5 (highest seismic zone), a zone higher than required by the IS Code.
  • CCTV Surveillance for common areas.
  • RFID’s (Radio-frequency identification) is a Controlled Access introduced to prevent any unauthorized entry inside the township.
  • Controlled Car Parking System is offered through boom barrier to control and monitor the entry and exits of vehicles in basements.